Rent an electric oldtimer!

Freedom, nature and pleasure during a tour in an electric oldtimer.

Explore the area around Winterberg in a unique way. At Holiday Resort Winterberg.

The 'Roof of Sauerland' is one of the most popular areas in Germany for tours. There are curves making for an adventurous ride, mountains and valleys begging to be discovered, and a landscape with marvelous views. Along the way, you'll find a broad range of establishments where you can stop for a refreshing drink or a tasty lunch.

You can conveniently rent or the Youngtimer BMW Z3 Cabrio, equipped with an electric motor. Thanks to the electric motor, the car is so quiet you'll be able to enjoy nature to the fullest!  Or you can chose the classic Saier SKK oldtimer (motor fuel). A unique experience for exploring and discovering the surroundings. Because that is what you'll be doing in Winterberg. 


You will be provided with a luxurious BMW Z3 (suitable for 2 people) with leather upholstery.

A fully charged battery will allow you to drive for about 125 - 175 km, depending your speed and the diffrence in height.

           BMW Z3
           115 HP
Elektro Cabrio Mieten          Electrically driven
           2 Persons
            +/- 125 - 175 km
              Mo-Fri: € 299,-- per day
                Sa & Su: € 599,-- per weekend
                (unlimited mileage)


When renting the youngtimer / oldtimer, you will receive at least 1 itinerary. We offer a choice of different routes, varying from 100 to 240 kilometers.

Made possible by:

Sustainable Energy Local Projects GmbH

Logo Selp GmbH - Elektro auto

The Selp GmbH in Germany has set itself the goal of decentralized renewable energy projects to develop and promote. Selp GmbH advise, convey, remodeling, renting and selling of sporting youngtimer convertible vehicles which are converted by combustion engine to electric drive.

Saier Sunroad-Classic SKK

A classic old timer automatic (suitable for two people. The Saier Sunroad Classic SKK. One of the most popular old timers in Germany from the 1930's. The fascinating technique together with the flowing shape makes for a impressive car for both young and old. Its a magical experience to be able to tour around Hoch-Sauerland with this classic car.

Saier Sunroad-Classic
           Saier - Sunroad Classic SKK
           100 HP
           2 Persons
            +/- 500 km
              Mo-Fri: € 299,-- per day
                Sa & Su: € 599,-- per weekend
                (unlimited mileage)


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